parent dies now they hitting the the surviving member

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parent dies now they hitting the the surviving member

Post by jeff3 » Sun Apr 08, 2018 5:45 am

Do the Tories still think people are stupid enough to believe them when they lie that taking away the tax-funded benefits they need in order to subsidise the rich is “fair”?

Theresa May has used that line several times too often.

But I dare say she will continue to use it until we demonstrate to her what we consider to be fair.

That is, the removal of Mrs May and as many Conservatives as possible from Parliament, never again to blight our country with their deranged concept of ‘fairness’.


We all know she’s lying. She doesn’t think it’s fair. She just wants the money for herself and the Tories.

Theresa May has defended the Tories’ latest round of cruel welfare cuts as “fair” to the thousands of families being hit.
Speaking on a trip to the Middle East, Mrs May said it was right to slash payments to bereaved children who have lost a parent.
A raft of welfare cuts are due to come into force this week including swingeing reduction in payments to many disabled people, and an end to extra child benefit payments to families which have a third child.
One of the most controversial cuts will see families lose bereavement payments 18 months after a parent has died.
Previously families would get money to support them until a child turned 18 years old. ... s-it-fair/

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